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Spa and Grooming

Creekside Dog Resort and Spa offers a range of grooming services to keep dogs clean, healthy, and looking their best. All grooms include shampoo, conditioning cream, nail trim, ear cleaning, brush, blow out, cut, and style. Additionally, external anal glands are done upon request. Many clients will opt for their pet to have this royal treatment while boarding with us.

Pet hygiene services are essential for maintaining a dog’s overall well-being. While grooming may not be necessary, we also offer basic bathing services which include shampoo, conditioning cream, nail trim, brush, and ear cleaning, with external anal glands upon request.

In addition to full grooms and basic bathing services, we take pride in offering specialized grooming options to meet any dog’s unique needs. Our experienced groomers can provide haircuts suited for short or long coats in styles like a puppy cut, lamb trim, or poodle clip.

We also have several individual hygiene options to ensure your dog is in top condition. These include nail trims, nail grind, teeth brushing, de-shed, and flea/tick removal. While working with your dog we will report any potential health issues such as skin infections or ear infections.

We strive to make grooming a stress-free experience with calming settings, gentle handling techniques and lots of praise and treats. Your dog is sure to feel spoiled!

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