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Room and Board

Our dog boarding services provide a comfortable and caring boarding experience for dogs while their owners are away. We pride ourselves on giving each dog personal attention, time for supervised outdoor play with other guests, and restful private suites for sleeping.

Our facility features spacious climate-controlled indoor/outdoor lodging areas for both large and small breeds. Our boarded guest have their own suite equipped with elevated resting platforms, bowls for food and water, and a private outdoor cove. We conduct regular check-ins overnight and on weekends to ensure dogs are comfortable and have fresh food, water and clean accommodations. While some boarding facilities use security cameras, we believe face-to-face interaction is best for the dogs’ well-being.

In addition to lodging, we have a large play yard where dogs can socialize and burn off energy. The play yard is fully fenced and secure. Our staff monitor and play with the dogs at all times, observing their behavior and providing lots of love and playtime. During activity breaks dogs are match by size and temperament to ensure their time is positive and stimulating.

Our goal is to make boarding a positive experience through patient, individualized care so dogs feel secure and pampered while their owners are away. Both long and short term boarding is available to meet various travel schedules. With a focus on providing a comfortable and safe environment for dogs, our boarding services are a popular, convenient, and stress-free option vacation for your dog.

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